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Online Shopping Site In India

offering quality products from local Indian businesses
Online Shopping Site In India
offering quality products from local Indian businesses
Supporting Indian Business
Supporting Indian Businesses

Vocal for Local

Onlinesuperstore's mission is to support the Local Business's
This is a platform to promote genuine products to the public. The teams at onlinesuperstore.in work hard to ensure that only genuine products are offered on the site.
The platform helps Indian Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers and Retailers offer their products to the public in an easy way.
Join us in our mission to help Local Businesses and Brands, buy buying quality products.
Supporting Indian Business
Right Price first time

A fair price Guarantee

We believe that our buyers should receive a fair price regardless of when they make a purchase.
Many Ecommerce websites reduce prices during sales whilst maintaining higher prices during other times. These companies obviously make a profit even on the "sales" price, proving that the regular prices are inflated.
Unlike them, onlinesuperstore.in will never engage in such practices. Instead, we offer our customers a Fair Price Guarantee, ensuring that they always receive a fair price and never feel deceived.
Supporting Indian Business

Best Quality Products

Most of the products listed on the website are products that we would use in our own home.
The Family behind onlinesuperstore.in has a passion to make quality products available at a reasonable price. We do not list products on our website just for a quick sale. Most of the products we offer are ones that we would personally use. This ensures that you receive products with the best quality.
Supporting Indian Business
No Compromise

Best Customers Service

Real people eager to address your queries and issues.
We have all encountered situations where we attempt to resolve our issues by communicating with the customer service team. It can sometimes feel like hitting a dead end. The customer service representative may not have the authority to address your problem, and it may be impossible to reach someone higher up who can. The result is that as a customer, you are left feeling frustrated.
With Onlinesuperstore, you no longer have to endure frustrating phone calls with a customer service team. Our customer service representatives are real people who are eager to resolve your inquiries and ensure you have a positive experience with OnlineSuperStore. Our founders are dedicated to provide the best customer service possible and will make every effort to review each and every customer service ticket that is raised.
What Our Customers Say
Sangram Patil

Quick delivery.I was surprised with the speed of Delivery.Thank you.

Isha Sharma

I am so happy with the quality and fitting of this Kurta Set. Thank you.

Shivani Rathod

Loved that I got products from India. No imported from China stuff.

About Us

Online shopping site in India offering quality products from local Indian Businesses
We all know Small businesses, artisans, cottage industries who have great products and are offering it to their local area. However, bringing these products to the national/international market is a different ballgame altogether. These businesses might not have the resources to take the business Global
Onlinesuperstore.in was founded to help these small businesses expand their target markets.
This mission is supported by the following four value pillars
Ecommerce website supporting Local business Ecommerce website supporting Local business
Offering quality products Offering quality products
At the right price At the right price
Providing exceptional customer service Providing exceptional customer service

Our Vision

OnlineSuperStore was founded with the vision of providing a platform for local businesses and high-quality "Made In India" products. This platform aims to assist Indian manufacturers to expand their local and international reach.

Our Mission

OnlineSuperStore will accomplish this by searching for exceptional local businesses and products and offering their products on their website. The expert team behind the website will actively promote these products on behalf of local businesses.